Estate Planning

Our Experts Estate Planning Advisors In Arrecife, Lanzarote

Estate Planning Advice for Business, Individuals, Expatriate or Residents.

In Prolanz Asesores our professional Estate Planning Advisors will work with you to design strategies tailored to meet your requirements, and thus minimise the fiscal impact, and the correct estate planning, personal and intergenerational, for the future of your own.

Located in the capital of the island, Arrecife, our main objective is to offer top quality advice as your property tax advisor, inheritance tax advisor and many other services in Lanzarote. Our services exceed the expectations of our customers, adaptable to their demands, offering advice and personalised planning, tailored to their needs.

Our advisors in Arrecife, Lanzarote, offer you a completely personalised service, both in the study or planning of your patrimonial situation as a legal person, with the aim of optimising taxation. We also offer detailed advice regarding inheritance tax and donations.

Your Estate Planning Advice In Lanzarote

In Prolanz Asesores we work so that our clients achieve the highest savings thanks to an excellent planning

At Prolanz Asesores we offer you the most expert estate and property tax advisors to help you define your objectives or create a plan to achieve them. We know that each person has different needs and therefore different goals. As it can be your family asset growth or leaving a legacy for future generations. For years, we have helped our clients with the creation of specifically designed plans for them.

Our goal in Prolanz Asesores is to be your trusted adviser for your projects in any of the stages of your life: from the creation of wealth, the protection of it, management and marketing, to the generational transfer of your assets. We count with a wide range of expertise, from a inheritance tax advisor to a property tax advisor, so you can expect from us an specialised estate planning advice.

In line with our philosophy, our estate planning advisors offer help so that our clients reach their objectives with the maximum support of our professionals. For this reason we assign to each project a specialised professional who will offer you advice in the most effective way possible, offering everything between tax advice services, small business tax advice, to a personal tax accountant, whether you are a resident, Spanish national or an expatriate.

Estate Planning Advice Services Offered At Prolanz Asesores

Some of the Estate Planning Advice services in Prolanz Asesores

Among the multiple services offered by our Estate Planning Advisors in Arrecife, Lanzarote, we highlight mainly:

  • Determine your financial situation, yours personally, family wise, professional goals and your liquidity needs.
  • Establish an asset protection plan as well as a personal contingency plan.
  • Estate planning, intergenerational transfer of heritage.
  • Optimise its patrimonial structure.
  • Minimise the fiscal cost of owning assets.
  • Determine the convenience of restructuring family corporate groups.
  • And many more services of patrimonial nature.

At Prolanz Asesores we have an excellent understanding of the needs that companies, individuals, self-employed and entrepreneurs can have, and for this reason we offer a wide range of services that will cover all the needs that may arise. Our Estate Planning Advisors are professionals with years of experience who will not hesitate to offer you a high quality service in a personalised manner.

If you want to improve your estate planning as a company and professional or learn more about your patrimonial situation as a national, expatriate, resident or non-resident, with the best professionals in advice and management, do not hesitate to contact us.