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    Personal & Business Needs

    Located in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, our main objective is to offer top quality advice as your Spanish accountant and tax advisor. To offer a rounded service we also offer a range of Spanish bureaucracy services to make your life in Lanzarote as easy as possible. We aim for our services to exceed the expectations of our customers, adapting to your requirements, offering advice and personalised planning, tailored to your needs.

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    Make Your Life Easier

    As our philosophy, we help our clients achieve their objectives with the maximum support of our friendly team of professionals. For this reason we assign to each project a specialised professional who will offer you advice in the most effective way possible.

    At Prolanz Asesores we have an excellent understanding of the needs that both companies and individuals can have, and for this reason we offer a wide range of services for business owners, owners, independent professionals and individuals.

    Trustworthy Confidential Advisors in Lanzarote

    Our confidential accounting and tax advisory business has grown mostly by referrals from happy clients, as is the way in Lanzarote For over 12 years we have been based in the center of Lanzarote’s adviser and accounting district in Arrecife. We will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible. Our experience in tax advising, accounting, property, labor gives us a solid understanding of client needs. Both for locals and foreign nationals. By default this means we can help find the most effective individual solutions.

    We Adapt to Your Needs

    Peoples lives change and regulations change and having an accountant and tax adviser that has your back can help you to a stress free life. We offer these means and tools through professional, specialised and independent advice. Your trusted advisors, in Arrecife, Lanzarote.

    Tax and Accounting Services

    Lanzarote Tax Advice, Accountant Consultancy & Other Services

    Prolanz Asesores, was founded in Lanzarote in 2007 running a team of professional accountants, tax assessors and bookkeepers.  We have since grown to cover tax advisory and labour advisory services.

    Our priority is to offer a great, integrated consultancy service to individuals, companies and self-employed people.

    Our experience allows us to know what you need often before you know it yourself. It’s things you you don’t know that can help you the most especially when living or working in a foreign country.

    UK Friendly Consultants in Arrecife

    We have a great team of advisors. Objectivity, loyalty and experience guide our actions. Personalised attention means we have become the trusted partners of many UK people and foreign nationals living in Lanzarote.

    Located in Arrecife, capital of the island of Lanzarote, Prolanz Asesores offers you the best service and puts at your disposal a team of advisors of maximum confidence in order to advise you in the most personal and efficient way possible.

    Knowing that your time is money, our availability is complete, we are at your disposal 5 days a week, throughout the year.

    Our Philosophy At Prolanz Advisors: Quality Tax Advice And Accounting

    At Prolanz Asesores we pride ourselves in offering a specialised service of excellent quality. We put at your disposal fantastic advisers with extensive experience to help you in the most efficient way possible. Our satisfied customers are the reflection of our optimal service. Below we list some of the aspects that have made our company what it is currently.

    • We seek the most appropriate solution to the problems that are presented to us.
    • Our services cover all business needs in their entirety.
    • Company continuous tracking service.
    • Total independence and alignment of interests.
    • Savings in all its aspects.
    • Multidisciplinary team with years of experience.
    • Helping our customers is our absolute priority.

    Trustworthy Transparent Advice

    The transparency of our services is of great importance to us. Your confidence is our priority. At Prolanz Asesores, we strive to offer you the best services at the best quality level at a competitive price. Our clients are of great importance to us, and for that reason we offer the most personalised service for the satisfaction of their needs and the optimal performance of these.

    Personalised Help to Keep You Smiling In Lanzarote

    Our personalised advice allows us to develop a specialised service for our clients and thus, offer the best possible quality of service, and advise them in the most efficient way.

    What Does Our Consultancy Offer In Lanzarote: Anything From a Tax Advisor to an Accountant.

    Our consultants are specialised in a diverse variety of services, and they have great experience offering assistance to our clients. And thanks to this, at Prolanz Asesores, we can offer you a complete and wide range of professional services designed to meet all your needs.

    We also offer other additional services such as diagnosis of situations or erroneous operations in the company, proposing viable and safe solutions. Business restructuring plans in all areas and studies of convenience on investments in new business areas.

    Call Us On +34 928 81 82 19